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Cab Interior

We are proud to announce that we are working with Inpro. Inpro is based in Muskego, WI and is a global manufacturer of door and wall protection, elevator interior systems and architectural signage.

Inpro’s Ascend® Elevator Protection Systems are clad with Palladium® Wall Panels for the ultimate interior protection. Each panel is wrapped in rigid sheet wall protection, so your elevator is fortified with superior impact resistance to withstand abuse.

Fortify your elevator interiors with Palladium Wall Panels.

Ascend™ Elevator Protection Systems offers beautiful elevator interiors that stand up to heavy traffic and use. The wrapped edges of each Palladium®wall panel mean the days of chipping laminate, cracked wood and unappealing surfaces in your elevator cab are over. Elevate the appearance of your elevator, click below to configure your cab.

Inpro also offers a line of accessories

* Handrails and Wall Guards

* Elevator Ceilings

* Elevator LED Lighting

*Architectural Signage

The image below provided by Ascend Elevator LLC

Images are the courtesy of Inpro.

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